How to Switch Your Business Gas Supplier

Switching your business gas supplier could save you a small fortune but you need to time it right to avoid being tied into a contract renewal.

There are a couple of reasons why you might switch business gas suppliers, one reason could be your current contract has finished or you might have moved into a new business premises.

Getting quotes from multiple suppliers will help you negotiate a better deal. This process can be quite time consuming but worth it in the end due to the money being saved.

First you need to check the terms of your current contract to see when you can switch before you start getting quotes from other suppliers. Next compare as many quotes as possible and see which is best suited to you. Once you have decided on a quote, confirm the switch and then give notice to your old supplier.

An ideal time to switch business gas suppliers is when your current contract has ended. You can compare quotes once you have your renewal offer this will give you a base price to work with.

Energy companies may not let you switch suppliers for several reasons, usually this is due to the contract still running or you are in debt to your supplier.

A recent bill is needed to help your new supplier work out your average gas usage and how much you currently pay. Once you have accepted your new quote, your new supplier will send your contract and a welcome pack. Although not as common with business energy, you may get a 10-day cooling off period in which you can cancel the new contract if you change your mind.

You will not lose any service during the switchover to your new supplier, but it can take a while for the price of your gas to change.

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